Matching people and appliances for 165 years

Jason S.

Likes: Snow days, juggling, cheesesteaks with extra onion, Woody Allen movies

Dislikes: Chopping logs, know-it-alls, people who don’t use turn signals

Perfect Match: A natural gas fireplace lights with a flick of a switch and leaves no mess to clean up.


Liz A.

Likes: Urban living, fresh flowers, gourmet cooking, pop-up books

Dislikes: Traffic, stuck-up people, strong perfumes, solar eclipses

Perfect Match: A natural gas range. Preferred by serious chefs for its precise temperature control.

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Jill K.

Likes: Babies, scary movies, snowboarding, honesty, big dogs

Dislikes: Nosy people, smoked oysters, layers of clothing, yappy dogs

Perfect Match: A high-efficiency natural gas heating system. It’s comfort and warmth can’t be matched by a heat pump.


Tiffany R.

Likes: Biking, pets, reading Tolstoy in the tub, scuba diving, neatness

Dislikes: Smelly cheeses, messiness in general, scraggly beards

Perfect Match: A high-efficiency natural gas water heater. Chapter after chapter, hot water flows when the tap is turned.


Xavier A.

Likes: Sports cars, the beach, barbecuing with friends on the deck, jazz

Dislikes: Spaghetti westerns, itchy sweaters, snakes, turnips

Perfect Match: A natural gas grill never runs out of fuel when cooking for hungry guests.


Ryan E.

Likes: Outgoing people, traveling, red wine, going to the circus

Dislikes: Paying taxes, doing laundry, crickets, acupuncture

Perfect Match: A natural gas dryer provides full heat instantly for faster clothes drying.


Charlotte R.

Likes: Dancing, stargazing in autumn, yoga, goldfish

Dislikes: White jelly beans, sitcom laugh tracks, synthetic fabrics

Perfect Match: A natural gas patio heater keeps a deck or patio warm beyond the summer months.


Nora W.

Likes: Rollerskating, skydiving, bungee jumping, puppies

Dislikes: Frogs, chilly drafts, game shows, Ouija

Perfect Match: A natural gas heating system keeps you warm on the chilliest of winter days.


Zach L.

Likes: Bowling, British motorcycles, museums, hot dogs

Dislikes: Power outages, TV show subtitles, curry, the polka

Perfect Match: A natural gas power generator provides power to your home when the electricity goes out.


Makayla L.

Likes: Singing in a hot shower, exotic tea, canaries, existentialism

Dislikes: Mushrooms, lawn jarts, news pundits, corduroy

Perfect Match: A natural gas tankless water heater turns on when you need hot water and turn off when you’re done.